About Me

“My life is a beautiful balance of light and dark for without both there is no growth.”

Rawle 'Iam' James

My Philosophy

I am because you are

Know you are Love

Living life is the purpose

Seize the moment

Practice gratitude

Be humble

Rawle is a community builder, inspirational speaker, facilitator, author, poet and spiritual coach. He is committed to being of service through enriching lives and building communities that are equitable and respectful. Rawle’s mantra is to live joyously while in service to others. He has learned to embrace the simplicity of life as he flows through the experiences of the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. 

Rawle is a student of life and thus Life is his greatest teacher. The business world was Rawle’s university. It is where he developed and cultivated his abilities to create value for his employers. It was also in the corporate world where his purpose first showed through in the development of attraction and retention employee strategies. He spent over 20 years in the corporate world in a variety of different roles and was fortunate to have worked alongside good hearted and well-intended people. 

On December 17, 2001 at 1:45 p.m. Rawle had a transformative moment that forever changed his life. He would tell you it was an invitation from the universe to ‘Know thyself’. That event sparked an internal revolution that shifted his perception about his past and the importance of loving self. As Rawle would say, ‘if you really want to know the full story, let’s have a coffee and a chat’.

Since his arrival  in Kelowna, British Columbia in 2004, Rawle has had the good fortune of connecting to the community through a variety of undertakings like football coach, teacher, cultural animator, various board of director positions and founder of the Inspired Word Café.

The adventure continues!!!


Rawle James’ poetic words are inspired by the suggestive forces of the language. His voice carries words that flow like a river or strike you like a wave. After reading his poetry, I suggest you engage in a discussion with him, because the end of the poem is only the beginning of a moment that brings us further in our own narration and that gets us closer to our shared humanity.

Dr. Diane Campeau, PhD

For your pleasure, gift-giving and soul-soothing enjoyment. This poetic collection invites you to enjoy the power of Rawle’s words while contemplating a source within you that brings you a deeper awareness of, and connection to, love and harmony. Available on Amazon.com.