1:1 Personal Leadership Coaching

I believe all relationships are a reflection of how we love ourselves. And the richest, deepest, and most challenging of all relationships is that with self.

If you are struggling to move forward with vitality and with a positive sense of self – as a spiritual coach, I can assist you with unlocking the ‘vault of wisdom’ that is your past.

It is said when the student is ready; the teacher will appear. You are not alone; I am
because you are.

Let us have a coffee and chat to see if I am the right coach for you.

Group of people listening to presentation

Equity and Respect Training

  • Team Celebration, Effectiveness and Professional Development

Is it ‘sanity check time? Where are you now and where are you looking to go?

Become a more equitable, and welcoming professional environment with a training workshop customized for your team.

My 360-degree approach brings a blend of spirituality, corporate experience and common sense to get to the root of the issues with no buzzwords or b.s.

For Schools

Working with teachers and school administrators, I offer workshops to challenge the student’s understanding of themselves. My approach and method is an invitation to the student to become self-aware and to inspire them to be leaders of their own lives.

Career Planning Workshop & Talk

  • Shift your students’ mindset about the future, with a career planning workshop that guides them through taking themselves seriously, understanding a career as a body of work and how to prepare themselves for the future


Poetry in Light Workshop & Talk

  • Poetry is used as a tool and invitation to students to explore topics like self-awareness and social issues through discussion and working in groups

What My Clients Say