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I am committed to work with those who are truly ready to do the work. As a coach and mentor, I can assist those seeking an inside out holistic approaching to unlocking their vault of wisdom. My perspective on life has been crafted from my experiences in the corporate world, education, professional development, and life events. I metaphysical training has included master’s ascension and self-mastery programs. I am a facilitator of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Myers Briggs, True Colours and have studied quite a number of other domains

Go Beyond the Buzzwords

Diversity and inclusion are words on the forefront of many people’s minds and tongues. I invite you to go beyond these words to explore what equality and respect of all people truly means with my fresh perspective on facts, research and not just emotions. 

1:1 Personal Coaching 

Unlock your vault of wisdom and get right with your past. If you are ready to produce different results in your life and looking to work with someone who will be direct, truthful and keep you accountable, I offer: 

Online and in-person coaching available and customized for each individual’s goals. 

Are you ready to stop talking the talk and finally walk the walk? 

Equity & Respect Training

For Teams

Is your organization truly a level playing field? Become a more equitable, welcoming professional environment with a training program customized for your team. My 360 degree approach balances spirituality, corporate wisdom and gets to the root of the issues with no buzzwords or bullshit. 

Here’s your opportunity to do a check – where are you now and where are you looking to go?

I will work with you to:  

  • Review and probe your organization’s mission, values and corporate culture
  • Build stronger individuals and an overall team through discussion and education
  • Create equity policies that support your values
  • Develop action steps to put the policies into practice

Inspirational Speaker

I have had the good fortunate of delivering many talks in the Okanagan from keynotes, panels, classrooms, events person of ceremony, business groups and workshops. I am always humbled and grateful and take it as a privilege when I am invited to be a part of an event.

  • Event hosting
  • Keynote address
  • Poetry recital

Career Coaching

  • Next steps planning
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Cover Letter/Resume development
  • Building/maintaining your network


For Schools

Working with classes, teachers and school districts I offer the following workshops to challenge their understanding of them to know who they are; an invitation to become self-aware and to inspire them to be leaders of their own lives. 


Career Planning

  • Shift your students’ mindset about the future, with a career planning workshop that guides them through taking themselves seriously, understanding a career as a body of work and how to prepare themselves for the future

Poetry in Light Workshop 

  • Students explore the concepts of self-empowerment, self-awareness through discussion and creating poetry on social justice issues of today 

Custom Workshops   

  • I will work with you to create a focused workshop on requested themes and learning outcomes

Are you ready to step into the discomfort and do something different?



Beyond the Discomfort – Diversity & Inclusion

‘Beyond the Discomfort’ is an experiential workshop design to assist individuals and organizations adapt to the cultural landscape of the various ethnicities that makes up Canada’s landscape. This is an invitation to understanding the process of overcoming the trauma associated with our history of human (race) relations. ‘Beyond the Discomfort’ workshop will guide the participants regardless of history, ethnicity, social construct, religious beliefs or sexual orientation in understanding and embracing the rich history of the Canadian mosaic. Together, we will deconstruct myths around race and racism to embrace the privilege we all have been afforded.

Together we will engage in a respectful conversation regarding race and the current complexities of being human at this time in history.  

I will share my thoughts and learnings I’ve gained through lived experience in a workshop-style talk. This event includes an open platform for asking questions, sharing thoughts and holding space for others opinions. 


It is only through empathic engagement where we can fully seek to understand another’s viewpoints, which in turn could assist us in defining what role the individual and community collective can play as effective agents for change. 

Are you ready to join in on the conversation in an atmosphere of community and unity? See upcoming workshops or book a workshop for your community.

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