"Comitted to work with those who are truly ready"

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I am committed to work with those who are truly ready to do the work. As a coach and mentor, I can assist those seeking an inside out holistic approaching to unlocking their vault of wisdom. My perspective on life has been crafted from my experiences in the corporate world, education, professional development, and life events. I metaphysical training has included master’s ascension and self-mastery programs. I am a facilitator of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Myers Briggs, True Colours and have studied quite a number of other domains

Inspirational Speaker

I have had the good fortunate of delivering many talks in the Okanagan from keynotes, panels, classrooms, events person of ceremony, business groups and workshops. I am always humbled and grateful and take it as a privilege when I am invited to be a part of an event.

  • Event hosting
  • Keynote address
  • Poetry recital

Career Coaching

  • Next steps planning
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Cover Letter/Resume development
  • Building/maintaining your network



Beyond the Discomfort – Diversity & Inclusion

‘Beyond the Discomfort’ is an experiential workshop design to assist individuals and organizations adapt to the cultural landscape of the various ethnicities that makes up Canada’s landscape. This is an invitation to understanding the process of overcoming the trauma associated with our history of human (race) relations. ‘Beyond the Discomfort’ workshop will guide the participants regardless of history, ethnicity, social construct, religious beliefs or sexual orientation in understanding and embracing the rich history of the Canadian mosaic. Together, we will deconstruct myths around race and racism to embrace the privilege we all have been afforded.

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